GMR is a small family-operated company.  We personally care for our properties and our clients.  You can be assured that your vacation home is clean and has that home-sweet-home feeling.  The family lives in Florence and we are available 24/7 if you require anything at all: urgent needs, restaurant recommendations, or help with organizing museum visits or tours.

The apartments at Piazza Ferrucci are located in a wonderful area. You have all the conveinces of a small, european neighborhood. 

The local butcher shop is just a block away.  Not only is the meat of the highest quality, but the service is too! Just behind the butcher's counter there is a small fruit and vegetable shop where you will find the freshest fruits and vegetables in season.  They also sell other basic food items.

If you need to make a quick run to the grocery store, the mom and pop store around the corner can save the day.  This is basically the equivalent of a mini-market that also sells fresh baked bread.

You'll surely want to check out the local italian coffee bar, Bar Gioni.  If the local "espresso" isn't what you're used to, try asking for the cappuccino with chocolate sprinkled on top or a caffe latte. The pastries are fresh and some of the best in this neighborhood!  My personal favorites are the sfoglia filled with chocolate or apple.  They are literally around the corner and open early.